The goal of marketing is to reach
consumers at the moments that
influence their purchase decisions –
The Moments that Matter

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Dotter’s Commerce Builder is designed to contain ALL the information that influences consumer purchase decisions and make it available for implementation on ALL digital content

Our Where to Buy Solutions

Key Purchase Influencing Information

Our proprietary platform ‘Commerce Builder’ dynamically gathers information from brands’ retail partner websites.

Commerce Builder is globally scaleable because there is no integration required = Any Retailer, Anywhere in the World

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All Digital Media Formats

Dotter has a range of highly configurable templates that can be seamlessly implemented across multiple digital media types allowing brands to add a path to purchase to any campaign

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Insightful Analytics

We provide consumer engagement analytics interpreting, benchmarking and reporting on every engagement against purchase awareness, intent & conversion metrics to track performance and inform strategy

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About Dotter

Dotter join the dots between brands, retailers and consumers to provide all the information that influences consumer’s purchase decisions. Across all types of digital content.

Our cloud based technology platform, Commerce Builder, gives consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Wherever, however and whenever they are engaging with and ultimately purchasing from brands. It can even enable the purchase itself, allowing shoppers to buy without ever leaving the content they’re engaging with.

And it doesn’t just make shopping and buying easier for consumers it makes digital media budgets work harder for brands.

Your customer and prospects will interact with your brand across multiple digital touch points

Dotter commerce builder

Three quarters of consumers will be online engaging with brands as part of their consumer journey

Brands are spending over £130bn globally on digital to reach these consumers online and be there at the “moment that matters”

The challenge is consumers could be anywhere and at any stage of the purchase journey – reading a blog, looking at social media, watching a video, visiting a website – so it is vital that brands offer them a clear path-to-purchase wherever they are

At Dotter it is, therefore, our mission to help brands “dot” the key purchase influencing information consumers want across digital media wherever the consumer is online and to enable purchase from that digital media.

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Who Benefits


Making shopping easier by giving consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision wherever, however and whenever they are engaging with and ultimately purchasing from brands

Brand Marketers

Brand marketers offer their consumers a better experience and are able to drive consumer engagement and purchase intent across all digital media [paid, owned, earned] enabling them to make their media budgets work even harder and maximise the value of their digital campaigns

Brand Retail Account Teams

Brand Retail Account Teams can monitor SKU [Stock Keeping Unit] availability, price and promotion information across retail partners. This enables them to gain detailed insights into product availability and pricing and overlay engagement and purchase data to understand the impact of retailer pricing and availability.

Some of our Clients

About Commerce Builder

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Purchase Influencing Information

Aggregates & standardises information from multiple sources & maintains it dynamically with zero external resource requirement.
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Any Retailer, Globally

No retailer integration. Any Retailer, Anywhere in the World. New retailers and territories can be added within hours.
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Readily Deployable in Hours

Dotter’s Commerce Builder platform means applications can be set-up and deployed very rapidly.
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Any Digital Media Format

Dotter configurable application templates have been designed to fit into all digital media formats to fit in with campaign objectives.
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Fully Configurable

Dotter applications come with a wide range of configurable options maximising ease of implementation and offering full flexibility. They can also be fully customised where required.
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Detailed Analytics

Maximising the value of every digital £ spent by benchmarking every engagement against purchase awareness, intent & conversion metrics
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