Where to Buy Solutions

Commerce Builder, our cloud based proprietary technology platform makes all types of digital content shoppable.

Enabling clients to present information designed to influence consumer purchase decisions across ALL digital content.

Brand Websites

Dotter has a series of fully responsive templates that can be quickly themed to brand guidelines and populated with required products.

Different templates cater for different areas of brand websites. Dotter website application templates provide relevant, dynamic Where to Buy information wherever the consumer is on site and whatever stage of the consumer journey they are at. This ensures that however consumers are engaging with brands, key purchase influencing information is right there with them.

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We have developed a number of applications designed to work with any video format and we will work with you to recommend the right one depending on the campaign & precise media format being used.

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Social Media presents multiple opportunities – at Dotter we can advise our clients on a case by case basis, as alongside our boxed solutions, there are many custom solutions that can be developed to maximise engagement and results.

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Standard & Rich Media

For Standard Media such as display banner ads, Dotter again provides targeted solutions depending on client and campaign objectives. Dotter addresses the issue of the small real estate of banner ads by offering a clear call to action linking out seamlessly to one of our templates.

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Paid Search

Dotter’s unique paid search is designed to optimise adwords spend. Our solution aids measurability and offers unique consumer insights to better inform investment in paid search in line with brand objectives whilst enhancing the consumer experience.

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For all Dotter deployments, we provide a comprehensive suite of analytics to measure key consumer engagement and digital commerce metrics. We provide regular reporting, real time uploads and custom dashboards.

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