Social Media presents multiple opportunities – at Dotter we can advise our clients on a case by case basis, as alongside our boxed solutions, there are many custom solutions that can be developed to maximise engagement and results.

Our templated solutions include:

Linking specifically to customised campaign landing pages

Using standard social media calls to action, Dotter's fully responsive templates serve as highly focused campaign landing pages, giving consumers specific products & retail information driving interaction, engagement and facilitating digital commerce.

Direct integration into any Social Media page

Where the facility exists, we can also integrate key purchasing influencing content such as price, availability and special offers directly onto sponsored social media pages creating a path to purchase

Linking direct to websites

For some campaigns, clients may wish to drive traffic directly to retailer websites. In this case, Dotter’s templated solution can be implemented to enhance the consumer experience & learnings gained for clients.

We always love test and learn and are happy to pilot and run split tests to determine the optimum consumer journey and approach based on campaign specific objectives.

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