Brand Websites


Dotter has a series of fully responsive templates that can be quickly themed to brand guidelines and populated with required products.

Different templates cater for different areas of brand websites. Dotter website application templates provide relevant, dynamic Where to Buy information wherever the consumer is on site and whatever stage of the consumer journey they are at. This ensures that however consumers are engaging with brands, key purchase influencing information is right there with them.

All templates are themed according to brand identity and guidelines to align with the brand look and feel on the site. Our templates are very flexible and are designed to work within the navigation of the site with minimum disruption. Implementation is very straightforward via simple embeds and we provide full implementation guides and support.


Targeted Applications

Dotter Stores can power the Where to Buy top menu on the homepage taking the consumer via a single click to a full product Store showcasing all the key information about the product and offering dynamic information on price, availability and special offers across retailers allowing the consumer to compare price and availability and make a purchase.

The Dotter Store also contains a Local Store Finder to enable those consumers who want to purchase in-store to easily find their nearest retailer. 

Dotter Product Widgets are also available to facilitate a seamless path-to-purchase for consumers who are further into the site on specific product pages. 

Consumer Analytics Dotter also provides consumer engagement analytics to highlight key purchase influence and digital commerce metrics to understand how consumers are engaging with the content. This allows tracking of performance and helps to inform strategy and optimise campaigns.


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