Standard & Rich Media


For Standard Media such as display banner ads, Dotter again provides targeted solutions depending on client and campaign objectives. Dotter addresses the issue of the small real estate of banner ads by offering a clear call to action linking out seamlessly to one of our templates.

As for all campaigns, we love to engage with our clients and their agency partners to discuss objectives and desired consumer experience and design a targeted approach including looking at opportunities for split tests.

Campaign Templates

Dotter’s fully responsive campaign templates serve as highly focused landing pages, giving consumers specific product & retail information, without the potential noise of directing them to a brand website.

Linking direct to websites

For some campaigns, clients may wish to drive traffic to retailer websites. In this case Dotter’s template solutions can be implemented to enhance the consumer experience and learnings for clients.

Rich Media

Dotter content can be integrated directly into ad units, enabling consumers to browse key information without interrupting their current browsing experience.

Dotter applications are themed to match your creative and are optimised for different devices and screen sizes. Contact us below to see how they could work for your brand and products.

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