About Commerce Builder

Dotter's solutions are all enabled through our proprietary cloud based technology platform, Commerce Builder.

Commerce Builder gives consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Wherever, however and whenever they are engaging with and ultimately purchasing from brands. It can even enable the purchase itself, allowing shoppers to buy without ever leaving the content they’re engaging with.

Commerce Builder has been architected to be highly flexible, is global by design and is built for speed so that Dotter Where to Buy solutions can be implemented in a matter of days.

Dotter are Where to Buy experts and Commerce Builder has been continually optimised based on our experience across multiple brands, 100s of retailers and over 20 markets. This is why we are trusted by global brands across their footprint.

How it works

Dynamic Purchase Influencing Information

Commerce Builder dynamically gathers and stores information from retailer websites such as:

  • Price
  • Promotional information
  • Real time SKU availability
  • Local Store Finder

And can supplement it with further purchase influencing content, such as:

  • Independent retailer / stockist database to further enhance Store Locator
  • Review content
  • Incorporating vouchers to drive new customers & loyalty (And measure offline redemption)
  • CRM integration
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Simple and Quick to Set Up – Anywhere in the World

Commerce Builder can be deployed rapidly and seamlessly with no integration required to a client’s legacy IT, or to retailers’ systems.

Commerce Builder has been designed to be global from the outset and we can work with any retailer anywhere in the world who has an online store.

Dotter will quickly and easily configure data feeds for a brand’s specific products and retailers. These data feeds then power Where to Buy Executions across any digital media format.

This approach allows for rapid deployment, as data can be easily “scraped” from retailer sites and matched to different products, whilst being kept up-to-date with regular automated polling.

Additional brands, products and territories can then be rapidly added using the pre-defined templates, and presented using the Dotter Apps.

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Configurable Application Templates

Commerce Builder configurable and highly flexible application templates ensure the purchase influencing information is presented in the most compelling way for consumers in all digital formats driving engagement, usage and purchase

Dotter’s range of application templates can be themed in line with brand and campaign objectives and are tailored for specific media formats.

In the unlikely event that none of the configurable templates are suitable, we are always happy to discuss custom builds or provide simple data feeds to be integrated directly into client or agency applications.

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Dotter applications are simple to implement across digital media formats. We provide full access to step-by-step online implementation guides and are here to help.

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Consumer Insights

For all Dotter deployments, we provide a comprehensive suite of analytics to measure key consumer engagement and digital commerce metrics.

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What it enables

Commerce Builder enables clients to gather and present information designed to influence consumer purchase, and make it available for implementation on ALL digital content, including:

  • Real-time price across ANY required online retailers
  • Current promotions and offers
  • Product availability
  • Local store finder – including maps, directions and opening hours
  • Product images and descriptions
  • User review content
  • Current vouchers or coupons

The far-reaching consumer behaviour data that Commerce Builder captures offers brands unique insights on their customers and campaign performance. This allows campaigns to be optimised making digital media budgets work harder.


Increased engagement rate and brand/purchase awareness – maximising ROI of media spend
Increased ‘time earned’ with consumers – maximising value of every single consumer engagement
Cater for and influence consumers at all stages of the purchase funnel
Detailed media and campaign analytics for future campaign optimisation

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