Case Study 2

Campaign Objective:

Drive consumer awareness of new product and product trials.


High income men over 45


How to drive more awareness of features of product and active engagement from paid media.

How to progress consumers through the purchase funnel

Dotter Solution

Dotter designed an interactive Video Widget which was integrated into the brand video creative. It offered a clear call-to-action via a Buy Now “bug” themed within the video creative.

Hovering over or clicking the bug opened an interactive “slate” which provided all the key purchase-influencing information such as price, availability and special offers. It also allowed the consumer to look at different product variants and read peer reviews.
The consumer could then seamlessly exit via a single click to a preferred retailer to execute the purchase.

Once the slate was closed the video continued to play to the end retaining the consumer in the branded content throughout.

Dotter provided full campaign reporting and analytics at the end of the campaign.


The Video Widget drove a 300% increase in time earned with users spending three times as much time in the branded content significantly improving ROI from the media spend.

The Dotter Video Widget doubled the engagement rate vs. a control group.

The brand achieved strong conversion rates and drove huge increases in purchase intent.

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